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No matter what be the collection of your wardrobe in terms of material, colors and the layout, the presence of black leggings is an essential one. These leggings where offer you a comfort of being trendy and appealing, at the same time are suitable as well. Carrying them casually as well as formally is something which is very commonly accepted trend of fashion and always makes a perfect sense. These leggings as the nature suggest are fitted from top to bottom, however, the consideration of Kim Kardashian Slim Fit Black Leather leggings also justifies the fitting matter. When it comes to considering the ankle portion of these leggings all you get is a zipped edge making it appear attractive and different from what you usually wear. These leggings suit high heels and a confident walk in a magnificent way.

Specifications :

  • Leather finish
  • Slim fit layout
  • Comfortable carrying
  • Zipped ankles


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