Share Love with Sky-Seller Valentine’s Day Deals

Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world as a day of the expressing love. Couples express their love for each other by giving flowers, sweets and different other gifts. Designers launch their Valentine’s Day collection for their customers. It’s always a good idea to buy a stylish outfit for your loved one and Sky-Seller is the ideal online shop, which offers a wide variety of leather clothing range for your loved ones. Get good quality winter outfits at very low price on this Valentine’s Day.

Sky-Seller offers both male and female collection. Movie jackets, biker jackets, TV series jackets and a variety of leather pants are available for ladies and gents. Ladies can buy men’s designer suits, coats and costume jackets for their partners. Similarly, men can also surprise their lovely ladies by buying jackets of their favorite movie actresses. Costume jackets, fur jackets and leather jackets are very popular among women. Different jackets, coats and costumes are also available in a variety of colors and every size to make your shopping more pleasant. You can shop together and buy unisex jackets to look like an ideal couple. Sky-Seller is well-known for its stylish outfits, prefect stitching and low prices.

Sky-Seller always takes care of its customers, especially on special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. If you want to buy something special for your partner, Sky-Seller online shop is offering different deals for its customers. You can get up to 20% discount on men’s slim fit jackets. They are very stylish and very economical. Men and women jackets and coats are offered on the sale price to make this occasion of love even lovelier. Above all, a special offer is given to all the customers, on all the products. The coupon code is “Valentine”. No matter if you are buying a jacket, coat or any other dress, you will get a huge discount with this coupon code. Apply this code when you are shopping and you will be surprised to see the price of the product. It is far less than the actual price of the product.


This offer is available on all the products of Sky-Seller. Moreover, free shipping facility is also offered all over the world. You can make your Valentine’s Day memorable by celebrating with your spouse. So what are you waiting for? Avail your amazing Valentine’s Day Deals in the form of leather clothing now. This is a beautiful gift that will make this day unforgettable for many years to come.

Pay Tribute to George Michael by Wearing Icon Jacket

George Michael, the iconic singer and performer of the 80’s is no more with us. It is very saddening news for all the diehard fans of this legendary pop singer. He was the real king of pop, an original in more ways than one. He will live in the memories of his countless fans forever. The world is today mourning for a great pop singer. George died peacefully at his home in Oxfordshire. His manager said that he suffered heart failure. It is devastating news for music lovers who have already received shock with the passing away of David Bowie and Prince in this year.

A brilliant singer with a large heart

George first made news as one half of the pop band ‘Wham’ but this abundantly talented singer and performer went on to achieve greater success as a solo artist.  It is really amazing that in a career spanning nearly 4 decades, George Michael sold more than 100 million albums. George was working till now though his last released album was Symphonica in the year 2014. He has to his credit some of the most popular songs like Careless Whisper, Outside, Faith, Last Christmas, and many others. Tributes to the late singer are pouring in from all quarters. His friends and colleagues have described George as the kindest and the most generous soul. Messages of grief and emotional outpourings are doing rounds on Twitter and other social networking sites. George Michael is one of the great singers and musicians who have been honored with their discographies. George Michael Discography contains not only 5 of his studio albums but also an extended play, 40 singles, and 16 music videos. It also contains many other appearances of this great singer along with other artists. George Michael Biography did inspire a lot of his fans and followers

BSA Rockers Revenge Leather Jacket

If you are a die-hard fan of George Michael, you have this golden chance to pay your tributes to your favorite artist. Buy this iconic BSA Rockers Jacket, an exact replica of the one George wore during the recording of the songs of his path breaking debut album Faith. This is one hell of a leather jacket that does not need an introduction when you wear it in front of your friends. The jacket will let everyone know about your love for the departed signer without saying a word. Made from genuine leather, the jacket boasts of large lapel collars studded with metallic buttons. This full sleeved jacket is famous for having multiple zips on pockets on chest and waist. It also has zips on the cuffs. This wonderful jacket has been brought to you by Sky-Seller, the most popular online destination for high quality leather garments.


The USP of this iconic jacket lies in the beautiful design made at the back and Rockers Revenge and BSA written prominently. George’s fans still remember his majestic style of crooning with a guitar in his hands wearing this black leather jacket. Wear this jacket in front of your friends to express your love for the departed soul.

Christmas with Sky-Seller This Year

As the festive season Christmas approaches the preparations stand on its peak and so does the shopping time. This festival is filled with a lot of happiness and pleasure, people decorate their houses, cook food and different desserts and buy different gifts as well. This pleasurable festival provides for dressing up as well and this calls for the most amazing looking clothing which may enhance the personality of every individual. During this festive season many stores even put different discounts and this helps people buying stuff for gifts and clothing as well.

Sky-Seller with its Deals

This Christmas Sky-Seller, a very famous online store of leather clothing presents an amazing series of different deals. The store presents a new and unbelievable discount which will be applicable from 20th December and it will be a surprise discount as well. This season also brings an exciting lucky draw as well which will help people win different gifts, these gifts include leather shoes, leather wallets, leather belt and leather jackets. Sky-Seller offers amazing collection of leather jackets, leather pants and leather vests and on the purchase of these outfits, one gets a chance to enter his/her name in Sky-Seller’s lucky draw. The more is the purchase the more is the chance of winning prizes in Lucky Draw. Moreover, there is a guaranteed gift on the purchase of three different products, so Sky-Seller has a lot of surprises and gifts for all the fans and customers this season.

The most exciting offer Sky-Seller is providing is the free delivery during the Christmas season and this calls for a lot of saving. On the other hand, the lucky draw also includes these amazing gift vouchers as well with the purchase, which comprise of $100, $200, $300. These vouchers are also a way to utilize this Christmas lucky draw offer which are included in this awesome deal.


Quality with Class

Christmas gives a lot of opportunities to different fans of Sky-Seller who need quality and class at a reasonable price and with countless benefits. This season is a shout out to all the fans of Sky-Seller who are looking forward to gift leather accessories to their friends and families to enjoy a wide variety of jackets, vests and pants no matter they are regular or the celebrity ones, there is a lot to be offered and the delivery will be entirely free of cost.

So why wait when you can avail your choice of outfits from Sky-Seller and enter this year’s Christmas Lucky Draw and increase your chances of winning the best of the best prizes from this stylish clothing store

Get ready for Friday Mega Deals 2016

Friday event falls on 25 November this year. It is the day after the Thanksgiving Day and it marks the official beginning of the shopping season for the consumers. Friday earlier fell on the last Friday of November but it started to be observed on the day after 4th Thursday as President Roosevelt changed the day of Thanksgiving Day from last Thursday to 4th Thursday of November. Less than 3 weeks remain for this mega shopping day which is celebrated with great fanfare by most brick and mortar super stores around the country. These include Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, and many other electronics and garment stores. Among online sources, Sky-Seller happens to be the most popular one. Thanksgiving Day can be made memorable along with two other events which follow it.


Halloween may be over but you have the entire festival season ahead which begins with Thanksgiving Day followed by Friday and then Cyber Monday. You will need beautiful garments to outscore your friends during parties in this period. If you plan to move in the outdoors quite often in the evenings, you must give a thought to this stylish black coat being sold on Sky-Seller.

Adam Jensen Deus Ex Mankind Divided Coat

It is inspired by the outfit of a character called Adam Jensen from the video game Deus Ex Mankind Divided. This cotton long coat with shirt style collars and leather used as patches at different places will give a big boost to your personality in the outdoors. All of the three events namely Thanksgiving Day, Friday and Cyber Monday can make your seasonal holidays unexpected and in a good way.


Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Jacket Vest

If you are a bold and beautiful girl, do not look any farther than this Jyn Erso jacket vest available on Sky-Seller. It is a replica of the outerwear worn by a character from the sci-fi movie Star Wars Rogue One and it is designed to make you look different and very attractive in the outdoors. By wearing this jacket at Thanksgiving Day, you can impress your loved ones or you can either gift them as their favorite item of the season. The costume consists of a grey jacket inside and a stylish brown vest worn over this jacket.


Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Arena Costume Jacket

Another great option for you on Sky-Seller is the grey and blue striped leather jacket coat with hood. This is a beautiful outerwear inspired by the costume of Katniss Everdeen that she wears inside the arena in Hunger Games. These are some of the most attractive and cool outfits ready to be put on by no other than you guys and girls.


Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch Costume

If you are interested in a Cosplay costume, buy Doctor Stephen Strange leather costume at Sky-Seller, once again on the display. It consists of long blue leather coat with a light colored belt at the waist. There is a beautiful red cape with a black design over it.


Dave Franco Nerve Motorcycle Jacket

Finally, there is this black and white stylish leather biker jacket. It is inspired by the jacket of Dave Franco from the movie Nerve. With snap tab buttons on the collar and full zip at the front, this jacket will make you a cynosure of all eyes on the racing track.


So don’t wait up anymore. Grab your favorite outfit for this season of Thanksgiving, Friday and Cyber Monday. Save huge bucks and get the best of the best from Sky-Seller

Get Ready for Halloween 2016

As the month of October starts the most awaited festival also takes place in the go, this festival is none other than the Halloween. During this festive season people shop a lot and they usually look for something such Halloween costumes that is terrifying and exciting at the same time. This season calls for the pumpkins, ghost appearance and scary clothing. The markets are all filled with such stuff that cover up this season in the most amazing manner.

Halloween is celebrated wholeheartedly and also brings different kinds of foods and treats. The month of October is called to be the month of superstition since people enjoy this a lot by wearing ghost costumes on Halloween which is celebrated on the 31st of October, not only they dress up in fact different bonfires also take place and people throw parties as well. The stores are all stocked up with new and exciting stuff and not only the adults are interested in celebrating this event in fact the children also buy different costumes so that they may also have their own share of fun and excitement.

Halloween Clothing at its Best

As Halloween knocks the door, the famous name of Sky-Seller also takes a huge share in terms of clothing. The entire collection of Sky-Seller is filled with exciting pieces of attraction with a huge range of costumes. These costumes comprise of a huge variety being uppers, vests, jackets, coats and what not. They have a huge of variety to select from and you may get confused by the wide collection which is made available to be purchased.

Collection that Must Be in Your Wardrobe

There is a huge variety offered by the Sky-Seller but a few pieces that form to be a must have choice includes the following costumes this Halloween.

  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Evie Frye Leather Costume

This leather costume is a beauty inspired by Assassin’s Creed Syndicate game’s character and forms being a very exciting choice, this Evie Frye costume has a styling of a long coat which has a front closure and has a look of metallic styling. This is a perfect Halloween costume for fans.


  • Captain James Flint Black Sails Long Leather Coat

The Captain Flint leather coat is also a very exciting choice to be carried, it is available in the black color and the long length offered by it has been provided for a complete coverage. You can carry this outfit as Halloween costume and show off among your friends. Sky-Seller can help you with your wardrobe.


  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Jacob Frye Wool Coat

This wool coat is a perfect attraction for the upcoming Halloween and offers a hood which makes a complete ghost and appears to be a superb beauty as well and with Sky-Seller online shop you can be the best.


  • Joker Suicide Squad Jared Leto Crocodile Trench Coat

This trench coat is a very impressive choice and the purple color with a darker shade is something which forms to be a choice for Halloween that is an ideal option in every aspect. Sky-Seller can help you represent yourself as the most horrified person but in a fun way


  • Booster Gold Eric Martsolf Leather Costume Jacket

This costume jacket may attract anyone on the first sight especially when Halloween is near, it has a glossy outlook and the blend of silver and blue is what that attracts many people.


  • The Flash Season 2 Jay Garrick New Costume Jacket

This maroon colored jacket may be called as a perfect choice for this year’s Halloween and turns out to be a great deal. All the fans can get a great deal from Sky-Seller


  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Geralt Bear Armor Leather Costume

This leather costume gives a perfect look for people looking for a scary look and it has a black color with a suitable attraction as well. Game lovers can win in contests at this year’s Halloween by putting on this costume.


Sky-Seller is offering a huge variety of leather outfits for fans such as Halloween Costumes. This platform is also offering a coupon code that is “Pumpkin50” and by way of this code you may enjoy up to 50% discount along with free gifts and the best thing is a free delivery which is being offered Worldwide so enjoy Halloween and get your hands on the costumes of your choice.

Jacob Frye Costume and Accessories You Always Desired

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is certainly one of the most popular video games among the gamers around the country at present. It is addictive in nature with gamers getting an immersive experience playing this ninth game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Jacob Frye and Evie Frye are assassin twins and a player can choose to play as either of the two. Jacob Frye is the favorite of a vast majority of the gamers, especially because of his impressive and mesmerizing costume. Below you will find all parts of the wonderful costume worn by Jacob Frye as protagonist in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. All this and much more are available at Sky-Seller, the best online shop for all high quality leather costumes and accessories.

Cane Sword

This is a majestic looking cane sword used by Jacob Frye inside the game to kill and maim his opponents. It is an exact replica of the one that Frye wields in the game and it possess the features of spring loaded blade that is triggered by a button. It measures 50X8X25cm and weighs around 700g.


Felt Hat

This is a black color felt hat  to make you look like Jacob Frye when playing the game or when competing in a Cosplay event. It is a fantastic accessory to wear over the Jacob Frye costume before you pull out the hood to cover your face and strike terror among onlookers.


Shilling Necklace

This is an absolute must for you if you are a true Jacob Frye fan. Imagine the look on the faces of your friends when they see this impressive shilling necklace dangling across your neck.


Denim Vest

This is a perfect outerwear for you if you call yourself a diehard fan of Jacob Frye. It is a replica of the denim vest that he wears inside the game. It is made from denim fabric and boasts of a floral print. It has lapel collars and single button at the front for closure. White piping makes this denim vest really attractive.


Jacob Frye Leather Coat

This leather coat is the most important part of Jacob Frye costume. Made using premium quality leather, this black coat has hood attached to the large lapel collars having a quilted design. It has a buttoned closure at the front and a leather belt with loops at the waist to accentuate your personality in the outdoors. It has the same quilted design at the back and flapped pockets on the waist.


Gauntlet and Hidden Blade

This is a very important part of the Jacob Frye accessories. This impressive looking gauntlet comes with a functional hidden blade that is spring loaded and retractable. Even though the blade is made of PVC, it is enough to scare your friends.


Red Polyester Tie

This red tie can help you look like Jacob Frye in the costume party


Donald Trump Wig

This wig can again help you hog the limelight at any party with friends as you start to look like the billionaire but more Jacob Frye from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


Suicide Squad Warrior ‘Katana’ Costume Kit

August Box office records have been torn up by Suicide Squad super villain film. David Ayer film has starred and ensemble cast. In this film, super villains have been recruited by a government agency to take out some very dangerous operations and save the earth from different powerful threats through these missions. Ayer was quite sure when he signed for this film that this is going to rock the box office. All the characters and super villains have been witnessed in different amazing and lavish costumes. People have really liked and appreciated the costumes of all these super villains. Katana is the character played by actress Karen Fukuhara in her debut film. Below is the complete collection of costume:

Leather Mask:

The white leather mask is the Halloween mask of Task Force X Super villain or in this case Katana. It is composed of pure leather material with a red color circular dot on forehead. It has been designed way too perfectly. Katana_Costume_Mask

Racer back Crop Tank Top:

For women who want to feel easy while working during routine time, this scoop neck top not only makes you feel comfortable but is quite presentable as well. Free size of white top makes it appropriate to use for all ladies.


Tatsu Yamashiro Costume Jacket:
Along with other costume products, Sky-Seller is good enough to provide you with just Katana Jacket. Black jacket has golden touch at sleeves and at front with red color waist line. Jacket has coat like collars with full length zipper at front for closure.


Judo Rank Belt:

All the Taekwondo lovers must grab this superb red color rank belt. Martial artists can get this brand new and official quality belt made up of cotton fabric and polyester from amazon. It is available in different sizes.


Mesh Combo Gloves:
Premium lambskin leather fingerless gloves have been worn by Katana in her costume kit. Gloves have elasticized wrist and Velcro closure. Palms are padded to offer comfort and durability.


5 Pockets Jeans for Women:

Soft lining and lamb leather is used to offer women their desired genuine leather pant. It has been prepared in a skin fit outfit for nice look. There are 5 pockets to help you keep your valuables safe.


Laito Practice Katana Sword:

Unsharpened Bushido Laito is one hell of a weapon used by Katana. This is some serious stuff for martial artists. She has used the sword in every fight of her movie.


Women Combat Boots:

Long boots are too main stream now but having western Lagos combat boots with low heels and high ankles is favorable for women. Black boots is composed of genuine leather material. Boot has the laces all along its vertical height to make you feel pack.


Jason Bourne Deadliest Brown Outfit

Jason Bourne is the name of recently released Hollywood movie in the genre of thriller. Matt Damon, the heartthrob of millions of women across the country, plays the character of an ex CIA agent who is asked by his former boss to uncover some dangerous truths from the past. This movie has already become a blockbuster at the box office with crazy fans lining up in movie theaters to see their favorite star in action once again.

Matt Damon has certainly given a sterling performance as an ex CIA operative who is literally pulled out of his hiding to go on the deadliest mission of his life. He looks deadly wearing a brown leather jacket in many scenes in this movie. He wears a collarless T-shirt under this brown stand collar jacket to look every bit an undercover agent of a spy agency. In fact, a large part in his looks as a CIA agent has been played by this leather jacket.

Jason Bourne, who was once a darling of the CIA and one of its most popular assassins, has been asked to leave the organization because of a silly mistake committed by him. He inadvertently talked about the targeted assassination programs carried out by the CIA, bringing bad name for the agency. Girls around the country go gaga over Matt Damon even if he says nothing and stands still in a movie.  But in this movie, Matt Damon has given a very impressive performance as a spy who is out to prove an out to his former bosses. He moves with a distinct swagger wearing this brown leather jacket to impress all his fans.

This brown leather jacket is short and slim fit and it looks pretty simple with no extravagant features. But Matt Damon looks cool wearing this jacket with stand collar and open front zip. The jacket has been made using premium quality leather and it is as comfortable as it is stylish and fashionable. Here are some of the outstanding features ofthis brown leather jacket.




  • Waist high leather jacket for men
  • Inspired by the outfit of Matt Damon
  • Seen in the movie Jason Bourne
  • Stand collar
  • Full zip at the front
  • Made from premium quality leather
  • Two zipped side pockets
  • Lined with viscose on the inside




Believe me; you will be treated like a star at a social gathering if you wear this brown leather jacket as an outerwear. Move in style and with great confidence like your favorite actor Matt Damon after wearing this jacket which is an exact replica of the jacket worn by him in the movie Jason Bourne.

Suicide Squad: More Antiheroes, More Deadly Costumes

There is some good news for all the diehard fans of the next big superhero movie from Hollywood. Suicide Squad, which will bring together many antiheroes and villainous characters together on the silver screen for the first time, is soon going to be released. You will get to see how these antiheroes, released from prison, take part in a secret mission to save the earth from a potent threat. For those who cannot wait to see the movie in theaters, here is a brief description of the alluring costumes worn by the interesting characters that make up the star cast of this movie.

Captain Boomerang Jai Courtney Bomber Coat

This is a long leather coat for men worn by actor Jai Courtney while portraying the character of Captain Boomerang. It is a trench coat made from premium quality leather. The highlight of this attire lies in the brown leather patch on one of its sleeves along with metallic studs.


Deadshot Will Smith Costume

This is a deadly costume worn by actor Will Smith in this movie when he is seen laying the character of Deadshot. This is a red and black leather jacket that is very appealing because of its armor features. The jacket has erect collar with full zip the front.


El Diablo Letterman Varsity Jacket

This is a beautiful letterman jacket with dark blue cotton body and light blue leather sleeves. It looks sporty with ribbed knit pattern on the collar, cuffs, and the waist. It has Diablo written on a patch on the chest. The jacket has buttoned opening at the front and two side pockets with white piping.


Harley Quinn Jacket

This is a very eye catching red and blue satin jacket worn by Margot Robbie in the movie. Its USP lies in Property of the Joker written in golden color at the back. It is a bomber jacket for ladies with golden lining on the collar, sleeves, and the waist.


Jared Leto Joker MTV Bomber jacket

Jared Leto, who plays the Joker in Suicide Squad, wore this black leather jacket at MTV award function recently. It is a short and slim fit jacket with zipped cuffs and snap tab button at the waist.


Jared Leto Trench Coat

This is a long leather coat for men. It looks fabulous because of its crocodile skin look. It has large lapel collars and buttoned closure at front.


Killer Croc Dragon Jacket

This is a heavy jacket for all those who have a huge personality. It has large lapel collars and looks attractive because of golden lining that has been done all over.


Joker Costume Silver Coat

This is a silver colored leather coat worn by Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. Black collar makes this coat look very appealing.


Katana Costume Jacket

This black leather jacket has been worn by Katana in the movie. It has shirt style collar and full zip at the front. It has been made beautiful using red and golden colors.


Deadshot Trench Leather Coat

This brown leather coat has been worn by Will Smith as Deadshot in the movie. It has large lapel collars and a buttoned opening at the front.



Star Trek all in one

Star Trek is a 2009 science fiction blockbuster Hollywood movie and now the sequel of this movie is in making with a name Star Trek Beyond which is all set to release in the running year of calendar. All versions of the movies consist of legendary casts who wore some fabulous leather jackets and costume in the movie. The audience not only like the story of the movie, but they also inspired by the movie casts and the costumes they have worn in the movie.

Below are the some jackets and costumes from the previous and upcoming edition of the movie “Star Trek” which are available in best quality and price only at your favorite online store “Sky-Seller” ;

Chris Pine Costume & Jacket!

The handsome and dashing actor “Chris Pine” plays the main role in both editions of Star Trek as “Kirk”.  We have two fabulous leather jackets/costumes of Chris Pine which can sparkle your personality at any event and gathering. The blue color costume jacket with quilted patches and yellow stripes on the shoulders will give you a rock star look. However the second black leather jacket will give you a smart casual look. Both Chris Pine jackets are made in top quality original leather material. These are made in slim fit for a superior look. These Chris Pine Star Trek inspired jackets are the ideal choice to buy for young generation boys.

Chris_Pine_Star_Trek_James_T_Kirk_Black_Leather_Jacket  Chris_Pine_Star_Trek_Beyond_Blue_Costume_Jacket

Chris Pine Jacket From Star Trek Into Darkness!

This Chris Pine Jacket with extra length and large pockets is still in fashion and is loved by the middle age men’s because of its comfortable fit, extra length and big space pockets. This jacket is the combination of style and performance. The jacket is still in our stock because of regular demand from our costumers.  This jacket is inspired from the movie Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and has worn by the actor Chris Pine.  Move your fingers and order this jacket and make your outlook like a celebrity Star.

Star Trek Into Darkness Chris Pine (James T. Kirk) Leather Jacket

There are some other costumes and jackets as well from the movie Star Trek which you must need to see before your purchase because all Star Trek costumes and jackets have some sparkling features which you may like it!