Make the Most Out of Friday Deals at Sky-Seller this Year

Friday is the day just after Thanksgiving Day. It is the 4th Friday in November every year. It is a day considered to be the best day of the year for the shoppers. This is because all retailers and stores offer lucrative deals and offers to their customers on this day. Friday marks the start of the festival season that includes Christmas and New Year after Thanksgiving Day following Cyber Monday. Sky-Seller also celebrates this great shopping day along with its customers in a grand style.

Like every year, Sky-Seller is ready with its amazing range of clothing items for men, women and kids. There are lots of leather jackets, coats, trench coats, and Cosplay costumes for you to choose from.

German Classic Officer Leather Trench Coat

This German Classic Officer Coat has been designed to enhance your personality and to make you look like a WWII German Military Officer. It is made from genuine quality soft leather and boasts of classic wide lapel collars. It has a double breasted design with two columns of buttons at the front. It has two pockets on the waist and a belt on the back to look smart and elegant in the outdoors.


BSA George Michael Faith Rockers Revenge Jacket

If you are a fan of the legendary singer late George Michael, buy this BSA Faith Concert Jacket that he wore during his exhilarating performance. Not only will you be able to express your love and respect for the departed soul but also become the star of the evening in front of your friends. It is a beautiful jacket with multiple zips and metal studs to add to its glamour. BSA is written in large size at the back to make you look like a rock star without making any effort.


There are many other beautiful jackets for men and women on the website of Sky-Seller to buy and look great during the coming festival season. Sky-Seller will celebrate the festive season by offering high quality and good looking jackets and coats to its customers.

This is not all as it will be offering attractive discounts on Sky-Seller Online Shop to its customers to allow them to buy more items and save their hard earned money. There will be huge discounts and deals on offer for the customers to compel lovers of fashionable clothing to head straight to Sky-Seller webpage.

Celebrate Halloween this Year with Exciting Offers from Sky-Seller

Halloween is observed with great zeal and fervor by not just kids but also adults every year. On the day of the Halloween (falls this year on 31 October), there are not just prayers and church services but also the nonstop fun and enjoyment at the parties that continue whole night. People decorate their houses and use lighting to express their festive spirit. If you are one of those individuals who wait whole year to have fun and enjoyment with friends during the Halloween, it is time to start your preparations.

The biggest preparation for the Halloween involves buying beautiful attires to be worn during Halloween parties. You have to make sure you stand out from the rest of your friends. Your attire should not only be beautiful but also unique to help you become the center of attraction during the Halloween parties. If you have a large social circle, you will obviously be invited to several parties. You will also be throwing a few of these Halloween parties at your place. Buy the best costumes and celebrity items of clothing to shine like a star during Halloween this year.

Halloween is the time of the year when all companies introduce their latest collection of garments to catch the attention of the buyers. Sky-Seller is no exception. This online shop celebrates Halloween with zest and enthusiasm and prepares its collection of beautiful and latest fashion leather garments for its esteemed customers. All its leather outfits and costumes are high quality and crafted to perfection using best quality accessories and excellent stitching. Sky-Seller makes sure that it has all popular celebrity items of leather clothing and other Halloween costumes in high demand among the customers.


The best discount in town

Sky-Seller observes Halloween like its customers and desires to participate in the festivities along with them. To make the Halloween even more sweeter for them, it offers greater discounts on its entire range of leather clothing every year. You can therefore not only get the best quality and most beautiful Halloween Costumes from Sky-Seller, you also stand to save your money when you buy them from this online store

Labor Day Special with Sky–Seller

It has been over a century now, since Labor Day is celebrated around the world in the honor and to pay tribute to the hard – working labor because of which we can satisfy our wants for luxuries and a grandeur lifestyle. The first Labor Day was celebrated on 5th September, 1882 and is supposed to have been invented by either Peter J. McGuire or Mathew Maguire, as there are disputes to who came up with the idea first. In the US, Labor Day is celebrated on the very first Monday of the September of each year and is honored by holding a National public holiday.

“No great achievement is possible without persistent work.” – Bertrand Russell

Just like the dedication that our laborers put in everyday, the Sky-Seller team is also dedicated to serve you with the best. Sky-Seller online shop sells its product almost all around the world. You may find any sort of jacket that you prefer and we will ensure that you are satisfied. Our leather products are professionally designed and are hand – crafted, carved to perfection. Whether, it is a jacket of a film actor which was worn in a movie, of a singer, a celebrity or even if it is just some random jacket; we got it all! With Sky-Seller, you will have full autonomy over what you want and how you wish to carry your persona. You will no longer have to compromise on the size that is available but will get the jacket in your own best fit according to your measurements.

We at Sky-Seller respect every bit of all the labor around the world and to pay a tribute to these dedicated and hard – working people who have made the world a reality in which we live in; have put upto 30% discount on every single purchase you make from the store! All you got to do is, use the promo code “Labor” and make your Labor Day special with Sky-Seller

Chester Bennington: Leading Light of Linkin Park no More

Chester Bennington, the lead vocalist of a very popular rock band Linkin Park, is no more. The brilliant singer whose voice mesmerized millions of his fans around the world committed suicide at his residence on Thursday. Death of Chester Bennington came as a rude shock to all his fans, music lovers, and art community in general as he was only 41 years of age. To find out more details about his and life and achievements visit Wikipedia

Rich tributes paid by fans and friends

Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook have been stormed by condolences and tributes from not just his friends and colleagues but also his fans from all parts of the world. They cannot believe that such a fine human being who was so gentle and humble could take such a drastic step and end his life by committing suicide. Messages continue to pour in depicting how much Chester Bennington was loved and admired by his fans. Some famous celebrities quoted his lifestyle as follows:

“Our souls and energy are forever connected” – Samantha Bennington (Chester Bennington’s ex wife)

“A huge part of Chester’s legacy will be the memories we hold of him in our hearts,” Dave Farrell

Literally the most impressive talent I’ve ever seen live! Vocal beast! “Rihanna
 “Dear Chester,
 “Our hearts are broken. The shock waves of grief and denial are still sweeping through our family as we come to grips with what has happened – Linkin Park



He achieved height of success in a short time period
Chester Bennington rose to fame with the stupendous success of his debut album Hybrid Theory which was released in 2000. It became diamond certified and was regarded as the best selling debut album in lore than a decade. Bennington confirmed his talent and dominance in the world of music with two more albums that succeeded Hybrid Theory. These were labeled Meteora in 2003 and One More Light in 2007. Some other history of Linkin Park and it’s lead vocalist Chester Bennington can be found on The Guardian

Though Chester tasted amazing success in professional life, his personal health kept failing him all through the last decade. He suffered from poor health and was diagnosed with gastrointestinal problems that caused severe abdominal pain to him.


If you are a die hard fan of Chester Bennington, you must be feeling sad and gloomy. No words can console you but you have his wonderful songs to give you company. His voice will keep reverberating in your mind, reminding you of the amazing talent this man had.


There is one more thing you can do to keep the memories of Chester Bennington alive. Buy this black leather jacket which is a replica of the one he wore while performing at a live concert in 2012. He was also seen wearing this jacket when he attended the music awards ceremony. Sky-Seller has crafted this jacket to perfection to make sure it is high quality attire that becomes a tribute to the departed soul.

Comic-Con 2017 San Diego: Dress to be the Best

Comic-Con is an event full of excitement and costume wearing competition by a huge number of fans all over San Diego and not only there but from other places as well who travel very far to attend the shows hosted and enjoyed by their favorite Hollywood celebrities both from the movies and TV Shows in which these celebrities discuss their everything from upcoming movies and their mind blowing scenes and a lot of gossip for their fans. Some interesting facts about this event can be found here

Comic-Con event is approaching with a fast pace and the need to have relevant clothing to dress up well in this event is something which is a must to have for everyone out there. Well, dressing one carries must always match this Comic-Con event and occasion for which this store offers a great deal of ease in all aspects. The costumes available on Sky-Seller have been provided with a touch of Comic-Con event and also the layout of the costumes available on Sky-Seller has been provided with a delicate and appealing finishing.


Dressing up in the best possible way is what you will need this year on this occasion and when you need to have something better than your friends you must go for this beauty present here. However, when it comes to taking a look at this attire you will recall the different superheroes in your mind and the way they have been trending. It is always a pleasure for everyone to carry a superb form of clothing and that relates to different heroes is a cherry on the top and Sky-Seller is the most trusted store in this regard. The best thing about the costumes present here is the detailing and finishing, the quality is seamless and provides for being a subtle layout that enhances your personality in a superb way. People would definitely find your impression to be the best one upon taking a look and this calls for something outclass especially on the occasions. Up to date news and event dates are also shared on social networks such as Facebook and Hollywood Reporter.

Outclass Variety for Comic-Con Event

Well, the series of variety available at Sky-Seller doesn’t end here in fact you may find all of your favorite characters and artists costumes available at Sky-Seller. These costumes range from Joker to Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Starlord, Star Wars and what not. Sky-Seller has a subtle collection of all the detailing and finishing which speaks being far much better than the original.

Our clientele has been enjoying Sky-Seller’s costumes not only on the best prices but also on the best quality. Very rarely people are able to get their hands on a quality oriented costume especially the one that is being featured in blockbusters. Sky-Seller not only comprises for the old character costumes in fact there is a range of all the newly prevailing costumes as well which comprise of the Suicide Squad, Watch Dogs and much more. In fact many such blockbusters that are still not released and have been featuring great costumes are also featured in the collection available here to be sold online and attained on your doorsteps without any hassle. The best thing about these costumes from Sky-Seller is the comfort it provides for and this is the most appealing feature for the buyers.


Sky-Seller proves being the perfect choice to have the hands over these costumes. The best thing about these costumes is that you are not required to wear them on this Comic-Con event only; in fact they are ideal to be worn on your normal days as well. The quality of these costumes has always been the most maintained one and there is no doubt about the durability of the material and finishing in the stitching too from Sky-Seller. When it comes to taking a look at these beauties you would definitely fall for them and having them in your hand will always be your dream forever, the perfection and details layout is not only in terms of looks only in fact the material and quality everything is of premium quality and provides for a lot of comfort upon wearing as well.

Exciting Features of Event

Comic-Con is not only an event where you need to focus on what you wear in fact beyond this there would be the presence of many film directors who would be showing numerous trailers of their upcoming outclass blockbusters. However, when it comes to this considering playing a part in Comic-Con, it is the next big event after Halloween where everyone works hard to look better from one another and this gives a lot of people a chance to meet new people and try numerous opportunities.


When we take a look at the previous Comic-Con events we can see that many famous celebrities have been featured as well. Moreover, when we take a look at such events we may see that many people have been enjoying asking questions from their favorite celebrities and also they are dressed up more or less like them. Though the celebrities would never disclose the entire plot of any of their upcoming movie but this series of interaction is definitely going to be something great at all times. A panel sits in this event and they deliver the answer of all your questions and this series of interaction is always the best thing and the most important one for which people tend to visit this Comic-Con event and carry themselves accordingly.



You may easily get de-motivated about the fact that creating your own Comic-Con costume is something beyond impossible. However, this is never the case and you may easily get yourself a new costume of your choice without a doubt by Sky-Seller and that too which belongs to a very fine and high quality.

Inspiration for the Comic-Con 2016

An idea of clothing is always something significant and you need to dress up always according to the Comic-Con as well. Therefore when we take a look at the Comic-Con event we can see the way things move around, there are different kinds of movies, comics and characters that tend to attend Comic-Con and you need to work according to that. Moreover, the directors coming over in that event and the blockbusters will definitely give you a great idea of what kind of costumes must be worn in the Comic-Con. People tend to get their schedule on time to reach their Comic-Con shows through different channels such as Twitter

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09: Comic Con attendees pose as the Avengers during New York Comic-Con 2015 at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 9, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

Your Favorite Movies

Movies that provide for a shot of superheroes have a lot to pay attention which calls for all the formal suiting and all. However, there are a few people who look at the different features of the movies that run in the background, however, many such people also do exist who take a look at the dressing of the cast. Famous blockbusters like Batman Begins, Spider-Man, and Star Wars have all been featured with great clothing and the same has been featured in this show of Comic-Cons as well. The best part is that Sky-Seller features all the latest costumes being worn in the latest movies and so there is no need to wait for the movies to release and then the costumes, rather these costumes may easily be worn by way of placing your order here online and it will be delivered at your doorsteps without any hassle and within no time.


Your Favorite Television Series

Television series is also that one superb thing to go for when it comes to taking an inspiration for the costumes. The clothing being carried by superheroes and that by the television series heroes is more or less comparable. Some or the other way they are not able to match the level of the blockbuster heroes but the way they are doing their own job is also no less in any way. The entire series of the television shows that include The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and many more like this have always made their way to comics as well and have done a great job by way of impression the viewers. These series are not only witnessed in one single season in fact most of them have seasons released every year and the clothing they carry may also be a great inspiration.

People dressed in superhero-style costumes line up for a photo near the US Capitol in Washington, DC on April 18, 2014, in an attempt to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record of people as comic book charactors. They had 237 charactors show up, but needed 1532 to break the record set in China. The colorful visitors are in Washington, DC, attending the Awesome Con 2014, a celebration of all things pop culture, with a focus on comic books, science fiction, and fantasy, at the Washington Convention Center. AFP Photo/Paul J. Richards (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

The main reason behind the focus towards the television series and movies for the purpose of costumes is not because they are something everyone should wear but because they are a great source of idea generation. Even different designers nowadays have been taking inspiration from different clothing so that they may design something on their own but with a better idea. However, these online stores also provide a great collection which may be worn without a doubt on any occasion and the styling they use is something seamless may not be easy for you to capture on your own.

Significance of Dressing Up

In every few months Comic-Con takes place but the one taking place this year in San Diego is definitely going to be something far much special and always ready to provide you with joy and amusement. However, the biggest hits of the year are going to be featured and you will have your chance to impress everyone with your outstanding costumes which are no less than the superheroes in any way.  These days the costumes being worn in the comics and television series are more of less much comparable to one another and provides for a lot of ease in every way. No matter you talk about those colorful tights or you are a fan of leather clothing everything and anything of your desire and choice may easily be grabbed from the different online stores and worn as well.


This entire event goes live for about a period of four days and people who come here have their own mindset purpose to attend this event. People may either get their hands on the best costumes dress up or come over to meet their favorite comic heroes and on the other hand most of them prefer to have a display of their creativity and mindfulness in all aspects.

The costumes being worn in this event may include a variety in many aspects and this may include different games and movies as well and when you tend to wear your costumes with the association of meeting the same characters is something that may blow you away in a very ideal manner. Every single character you must be thinking about may easily be seen at the Comic-Con and their presence is something that always pays off in many ways.

Why Wearing a Costume a Better Choice for Event?

The main idea of having these costumes is not only to represent your love and association with a particular character but there is a lot more to go for. You may without a doubt get your hands on the situations where the show stealers, amazing costumes labels and what not may be witnessed about the different characters prevailing. However, this entire concept of having these outstanding costumes is somewhat appealed and adopted for the purpose of business. The differed costumes being designed for the differed characters with so much of uniqueness actually win out for a huge audience which appreciates the costume. Also the role of social media is also a very significant one when it comes to these costumes and the way people tend to enjoy a deal of popularity for the different costumes being designed. Lately, the costume of Hulk buster took more or less the same level of appreciation being designed in a great way and is still in a high demand and captures a great chunk of social media as well. Sky-Seller online shop is just the store from where one can wish of purchasing.


Costumes and outfits are no piece of cake and doing them on your own would definitely take a lot of your efforts in numerous ways. The best thing about the idea of having yourself a new costume for Comic-Con is to purchase one from Sky-Seller which has everything all set and ready for you and the moment you will hit the doors of event you would yourself feel that how amazing you have been looking.

The two crucial events in which people pay most of the attention of their costumes is none other than the Halloween and Comic-Con and dressing yourself up for the ideal outlook is something you may wait for the entire year. So, having some amazing costumes would definitely double your joy for this must awaited there day event. So, you must grab your hands over the beautiful costumes available for an individual as well as for the entire group of your friends so that you may all look amazing and enjoying meeting your favorite comic geeks

Engage Sky-Seller on Social Media and Get Loads of Discount

Online shopping trends are increasing day by day, thanks to easy internet access and variety of products offered by online stores. With the increasing trend of online shopping, number of online stores is also increasing. Several stores are mushrooming every day and its very important to keep up with the pace of changing scenario. In this situation, no one can ignore the importance of social media marketing. Sky-Seller is a well-known online clothing store, which is known for the sale of quality leather products like jackets, costumes, pants, vests and coats. It has many regular customers but to get more attention of social media, Sky-Seller has a big offer for its customers.

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Independence Day – Treat Yourself with Huge Discount

Independence Day is a very special day for every country and here in United States it is also celebrated with patriotic zest. U.S got independence from the British rule on 4th July, 1776 and now the country is leading the world. The celebration for this special occasion includes the fireworks, carnivals, concerts, parades, family get together and much more. Beside political ceremonies, people enjoy this special day in their own ways.

Sky-Seller is always there for its customers, no matter it is Christmas festivities or the Independence Day celebrations. We have trendy and quality leather outfits for everyone. Men can choose from the wide range of leather coats, leather jackets and leather costumes. Leather jackets are simply loved by young people and if you have to attend a costume party, you can visit Sky-Seller for a huge collection of costumes. Our movie jackets and coats are also very popular, as we offer top quality products in very economical price. You can get TV series jackets and biker jackets here; we also have collection of leather pants. Not only men, we have feminine collection too. Girls love to follow the looks of their favorite movie stars. We have solved this problem and have variety of Movie jacket and TV series jackets for ladies. We update our collection according to changing season, so you can visit Sky-Seller for the seasonal clothes as well.

You can buy a trendy jacket for the Independence Day party or if you are meeting with your family ahead on that day, you can grab few gifts for them too. Enjoy the independence of our country, treat yourself with a stylish outfit. Our products are trendy, yet very comfortable to wear. You will get quality product in half price for these few days. Don’t miss the chance, visit Sky-Seller and you will get something for this special day.


We also have a gift for our customers on this Independence Day. We are offering a huge discount up to 50% on every product you purchase. Yes, not only selected products, but on every product, you purchase from Sky-Seller. All you have to do is, use the coupon code. The code for this discount is “Birthday”. You can avail this opportunity from 25th June to 4th July. Visit Sky-Seller online shop and take the advantage of this offer.

Pleasant Surprise for your Dad on Father’s Day from Sky Seller

Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world every year on the 3rd Sunday of June. This year it is falling on 18 June. It is a day when fatherhood and parental bonds are celebrated and honored by showering fathers with gifts and flowers. It is a day to recognize the hard work and contribution of fathers to make the lives of their children. Father’s Day is approaching fast. Have you bought gifts that you are planning to give to your father on this Father’s Day?. Let your dad know how much you love and care for him by showering him with gifts and your love.

The Best Online Store for High Quality Outfits

Sky-Seller is the one stop shop for high quality leather outfits for men and women. You will find here an amazing variety of leather outfits, including leather coats, leather jackets, leather costumes and leather pants that are visually appealing and very durable. You can choose from a wide range of designer men’s suits to make your dad happy on this Father’s Day. If your dad is a movie buff, you can select from a huge range of movie jackets to make him look and feel like a celebrity. You will find many beautiful and interesting jackets and coats on Sky-Seller. These are inspired by characters played by Hollywood celebrities in popular movies. There are also many beautiful and warm biker jackets made of genuine leather to give as Father’s Day gift to your dad. If your father loves to watch television serials and likes a particular character from a TV series, you can buy from a wide variety of TV series inspired jackets for him. All these leather jackets are made from high quality fabrics and crafted to perfection by Sky-Seller. Make your dad feel good on this Father’s Day that you love him so much and care for him even today. Make him realize that he is still important in your live and you are there at all times to take his care.


Use Coupon Code to Get a Huge Discount

Sky-Seller has decided to make Father’s Day celebrations all the more sweet for you this year. It is giving away up to 70% discount on all purchases in addition to Free Shipping. Just make use of coupon code “Fathers” to avail this fabulous discount when buying outerwear for your father on this Father’s Day.

Honoring Memorial Day with Sky-Seller

Every year numerous festivals take place and people celebrate them wholeheartedly, some are celebrated for the purpose of some religious reasons whereas some are celebrated in the memory of different incidents. The term “Memorial Day” refers to honor the memory of the people who shed their blood and lives in the event of saving the public. This day is being honored for giving a tribute to all such armed forces who have lost their lives in order to serve U.S.

This day is observed on last Monday of the month of May and people visit different parades that take place all over the state and participate in different events taking place in regard of this day. On this day, the entire state is being decorated with flags and the soldiers who have left this world are remembered and missed.

Attire for the Memorial Day

On every festive occasion the major role is being played by clothing, every event needs a certain kind of clothing which you need to carry. However, on this day the clothing comprises being associated with soldiers and armed forces. Sky-Seller is that one kind of platform that has been serving a lot of people when it comes to clothing, people have moved towards the selection of different leather costumes, leather jackets and many other different leather outfits for the purpose of catering their wearing needs. Similarly, keeping in mind the different auspicious occasions Memorial Day clothing is also being stocked by this Sky-Seller. If you have to take part in any kind of parade or something, you may get a wide variety of clothing in your hands without any hassle and everything is dispatched to your doorsteps.


Offer for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated all over the U.S with great enthusiasm and keeping this mind there are numerous offers floated by Sky- Seller to celebrate this day. Sky-Seller is offering a discount of up to 50% on all the products offered and on the top of it free shipping to your doorsteps is also offered. The coupon code to avail the discount has been provided as “Memorial” and this offer allows you to purchase anything you wish to wear on this occasion

Show Your Love for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is observed in different parts of the world in the month of May every year. It is a celebration of motherhood and the strong emotional bond between a mother and her kids. Mother’s Day started officially in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia. It is a day when children can shower their mothers with gifts to let their mothers know how much they love and care for them. Of course you love your mom too much and would not like to miss this opportunity to remind her about your feelings towards her.

A Gift to your Mother says it in a Thousand Words

There are many different ways in which you can celebrate Mother’s Day this year which falls on 15 May. Whether you live with her or plan to surprise her with a visit to her house on this day, do not forget to take a gift for her. Sky-Seller is the best source of gifts and products for your mother. It is the most trusted and reliable online shop for high quality garments and accessories for men and women. Sky-Seller has a huge range of feminine leather garments that include leather jackets, coats, leather pants, and of course celebrity items of clothing designed after the attire of television and movie stars.

 Sky Seller Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Great Offer

To make Mother’s Day happier, special and memorable, Sky-Seller has announced a whopping discount up to 30% to all its customers when they make a purchase for their mothers. All you have to do is to make use of a promotion code called ‘Mothers’ before making a payment for the products that you buy for your mother from Sky-Seller.Mothers_Day_Discount

This offer is valid till 15th May and you still have a few days to make the most of this offer. To make the deal sweeter, the company is offering free shipping to all the customers. So do not waste any more time and visit the official website of Sky-Seller to order a beautiful garment for your mother to make her happy and proud of you on this Mother’s Day.