Suicide Squad: More Antiheroes, More Deadly Costumes

There is some good news for all the diehard fans of the next big superhero movie from Hollywood. Suicide Squad, which will bring together many antiheroes and villainous characters together on the silver screen for the first time, is soon going to be released. You will get to see how these antiheroes, released from prison, take part in a secret mission to save the earth from a potent threat. For those who cannot wait to see the movie in theaters, here is a brief description of the alluring costumes worn by the interesting characters that make up the star cast of this movie.

Captain Boomerang Jai Courtney Bomber Coat

This is a long leather coat for men worn by actor Jai Courtney while portraying the character of Captain Boomerang. It is a trench coat made from premium quality leather. The highlight of this attire lies in the brown leather patch on one of its sleeves along with metallic studs.


Deadshot Will Smith Costume

This is a deadly costume worn by actor Will Smith in this movie when he is seen laying the character of Deadshot. This is a red and black leather jacket that is very appealing because of its armor features. The jacket has erect collar with full zip the front.


El Diablo Letterman Varsity Jacket

This is a beautiful letterman jacket with dark blue cotton body and light blue leather sleeves. It looks sporty with ribbed knit pattern on the collar, cuffs, and the waist. It has Diablo written on a patch on the chest. The jacket has buttoned opening at the front and two side pockets with white piping.


Harley Quinn Jacket

This is a very eye catching red and blue satin jacket worn by Margot Robbie in the movie. Its USP lies in Property of the Joker written in golden color at the back. It is a bomber jacket for ladies with golden lining on the collar, sleeves, and the waist.


Jared Leto Joker MTV Bomber jacket

Jared Leto, who plays the Joker in Suicide Squad, wore this black leather jacket at MTV award function recently. It is a short and slim fit jacket with zipped cuffs and snap tab button at the waist.


Jared Leto Trench Coat

This is a long leather coat for men. It looks fabulous because of its crocodile skin look. It has large lapel collars and buttoned closure at front.


Killer Croc Dragon Jacket

This is a heavy jacket for all those who have a huge personality. It has large lapel collars and looks attractive because of golden lining that has been done all over.


Joker Costume Silver Coat

This is a silver colored leather coat worn by Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. Black collar makes this coat look very appealing.


Katana Costume Jacket

This black leather jacket has been worn by Katana in the movie. It has shirt style collar and full zip at the front. It has been made beautiful using red and golden colors.


Deadshot Trench Leather Coat

This brown leather coat has been worn by Will Smith as Deadshot in the movie. It has large lapel collars and a buttoned opening at the front.



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