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The Greatest Showman Hugh Jackman Red Trench Coat

Hugh Jackman, The Great Showman Red Trench Coat is the ultimate replica coat which Jackman wore in the Greatest Showman. With the looks of the coat, it simply stands out and is not only restricted to the fans but even for a normal person who does not admire Hugh Jackman; this could prove to be a good option when looking for coats. This is a classic coat style but with a pinch of exclusivity when it comes to the color pattern and pocket designing. This is a neatly stitched coat with a chest pocket on the left and a side pocket on the right. It has a classic coat styled collar but with a contrast addition of black color. It comes in two different materials from which you can choose your own comfort and is available in 8 different sizes which is something outstanding and provides being something great.


  • Available in Wool and Cotton (at a reduced price by $20)
  • Exclusive Red Color
  • Full Sleeved coat
  • Classic coat style buttoned front closure
  • One side pocket on right
  • One chest pocket on left
  • Sizes available from XX Small to XXX Large
  • Custom size available


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