Feel Confident like your Favorite Character in Flash

Flash the super hero is back with a bang

The Flash is not just another super hero television series being aired on The CW. The series is running its 2nd season and won praise and accolades from not just common people but also critics. It is the story of a man who is struck by lightning and wakes up after 9 months only to discover that he has received many super powers. Barry Allen aka The Flash starts to fight crime and criminals using his new found powers.

The Flash Season 2

After being declared a super hit action super hero series last year, The Flash has successfully entered into its 2nd season. The first episode of the 2nd season was aired on October 6, 2015 with the news that Captain Cold has been kidnapped and Barry has to forge alliance with Lisa, his sister. See the events unfolding in this exciting action packed television series.

Costumes to make a killing at a friend’s party

The Flash is not just extremely popular among kids but also older people. All these people keenly follow the antics of Barry Allen and his friends to see how they are able to fight the criminals and defend the innocent people of Central City. The fan following of The Flash is increasing with every new episode of season 2 being aired on television. Small kids and teenagers are crazy about costumes worn by The Flash and other characters in this TV series. Some of the costumes that have become very popular are as follows.

Yellow lightning reverse flash suit jacket

Man in the yellow suit seen in the television series The Flash is Reverse Flash. You can wear this beautiful jacket made from premium quality leather to hog the limelight at any social gathering and can give yourself a villainous look. It is a genuine leather jacket with a stand up collar and full front zipped opening. Black patches on the sleeves and the logo of the Flash on the chest make this jacket look very attractive.


Barry Allen Cosplay Costume

This is another of Flash costumes that has become a rage among young people these days. This costume is made up of a jacket and a matching trouser. The jacket proudly carries the logo of Flash at the front. While the pants are made of maroon colored leather, the jacket is a mix of leather and fabric.


Jay Garrick Season 2 costume

This is a beautiful costume worn by Jay Garrick. This leather jacket has a snap tab closure at the collar and it is made using premium quality maroon colored leather.


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Anne Hathaway in Intern Fashion Style

Most of the people must have a plan in line to go out one day and do shopping as winters have finally arrived. It seems to be easy but in fact, it is not that easy. You need time and conveyance to just buy a coat. We have made it easier for you. Stay at your home and get the best attire for you. Our online store has all the leather and cotton celebrity products.

The Intern Anne Hathaway Coat:

This Anne Hathaway white trench coat is limited product and you need to grab this as much as possible. The Intern trench coat is available in white color. Two colors have the specific characterization that they can be used over any of your attires at any occasion and these are white and black. White color trench coat is prepared with similar features to make it an exact replica of the Anne Hathaway. Jules Ostin had adorn this coat over her short skirt. Trench coat is popular among women because many of them want to look so young and groom women.


Manufacturing of this Trendy Coat:

Coming to the composition of the coat, coat has been prepared with pure quality cotton material with smooth surface. All those attires which are less in weight are much favorable for women. Same is the case with this white trench coat. Coat has the special feature of open front. No front closure is present because it allows women to show off their shirt and skirts. White color trench coat has the wide leather coat like collars. Entire coat has the blue strip attached at the ends for the complete finishing of the coat. Bottom of the coat is in loose fitting with very wide bottom. Coat has full sleeves with open hem cuffs. All these features make a coat very simple and alluring piece at very reasonable price. Coat has two side pockets with no buttons or lapels on them. This white trench coat can make you look very striking and splendid due to usage of blue color strip over white coat. Coat is meant to be used at all of your occasions whether they are college parties or your family get-together.

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Halloween 2015 Costume Ideas

Halloween 2015 is now not too far away. It falls on 31 October this year and if you have not yet decided on the costume that you will wear during Halloween parties, there is no need to panic. There is still a lot of time left to choose from a mind boggling variety of Halloween costumes for kids and adults on sky-seller.com. Sky-Seller has carved a niche for itself in the world of leather jackets and coats as well as celebrity costumes in a very short time period. The company is going to organize a mega sale of costumes for kids, men, and women for the occasion of Halloween. This sale starts from September 20 but the company is accepting advance booking now to make sure that all orders are duly shipped in time before the Halloween. To avoid disappointment, hurry up and book your favorite costume today.

Sky-Seller is known for high quality products and costumes that are made using highest standards of craftsmanship. Our customers know that they will get the same product that is depicted through images on the website. We have the largest collection of celebrity jackets, super hero costumes, and Halloween costumes prepared especially for the occasion of Halloween 2015. The thing to remember is that only orders placed before 20 October will be delivered at the address of the customers before Halloween. This is because it takes us 7 days to ship an order that has been placed.


  • Halloween sale starts on 20th September
  • Advance bookings being accepted now
  • 10%-25% discount on all products during Halloween sale
  • Only orders received before 20th October will be delivered before Halloween

Take a look at the latest variety of Halloween costumes on our website and take advantage of the bumper discount offer to save your hard earned money. You can rest assured that we dispatch the same garments that are displayed on the website. We store and sell only the best quality garments. If you have any query regarding a costume or anything else, you can send us an email at info@sky-seller.com. There is another simple way to reach us and that is by posting your comment on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SkysSeller.

Dress like a Star – Harley Quinn Jacket

Jackets are must for all the occasions. You need to be very considerate to dress up exceptionally because it will boost your personality and you will have the feel of being an eye catching attendant. In this regard, you need to have very trendy, fashionable and stylish garb according to the standard of the gathering. Suicide squad is the awaited and fascinating movie of the 2016. Costume of Harley Quinn in this film really rocks and it is stupendous and admirable.

Suicide_Squad_Harley_Quinn_Bomber_Jacket (2)

Ladies know about the trending fashions and know what to wear. This Margot Robbie jacket is the most appealing and adorable wardrobe to have. This jacket belongs to the attire of celebrity. Glossy silk material is used to make this jacket. Two most favorite colors of women pink and purple are blended to design this jacket. These two colors are favorites of women for all times. Golding color touch enables it to be the embellished and party look outfit. For the cosmopolitan appearance, mixture of these enhance colors are used. Waist length of the jacket enables you to finish your wardrobe with classic pair of pants.

Harley_Quinn_Suicide_Squad_Margot_Robbie_Bomber_Jacket (2)

All the edges of the jacket are given a golden touch to make it perfect attire for the parties. This Suicide Squad jacket is far away and different from normal routine black and brown leather jackets. Its special blend of colors gives you a very unique and different look. Front zip closure with the standing collars makes it a flawless choice. Most appealing quality material is used to manufacture this noteworthy and glorious attire. This Harley Quinn jacket is all in all a good looking exceptional choice. This jacket is more suitable for slim girls as it is designed in such a way. Jacket is featured with full sleeves for your winter parties. High quality stitching is done on this bomber jacket to make it tough and sturdy. Silky material of the jacket is enriched with soft lining to give you a comfort feel. This jacket should be brought in your stocks. For all the occasional instances, just order this product from Sky-Seller online shop now.

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Choose an Gaming Outerwear to Boost your Personality

Are you desirous of an outerwear that is much more than a bomber jacket or a coat that you can wear casually? Do you want to impress everyone around with your personality without speaking a word? If all the super hero and heroine costumes are for ordinary people and you want something that make you look unique and very attractive with a little bit of mystery and aura, then look no further than these male and female costumes that are replicas of the ones worn by characters in the very popular video game Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Add some mystery and aura around your personality

If you are a man, this costume worn by the hero Jacob Frye in the video game Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is just what the doctor ordered for you. Though it is a little expensive at $188, it will immediately turn you into a star of the evening when you wear it in a costume party or a social gathering. It is designed to enhance your personality and to add a mysterious charm and aura around you. It comes with a hood to stun everyone into silence when you make an entry. This long coat has a large collar and the sleeves and the collar look unique and different having been adorned with a crisscross stitched pattern. This long coat has full front buttoned closing with a belt at the waist. Wear this long coat to look like a real assassin in a social gathering.

Jacob_Frye_Assassins_Creed_Syndicate_Leather_Coat (2)

Evie Frye leather costume to turn you into a female assassin

If you are a female, your search ends at Evie Frye leather costume that is a replica of the costume worn by a female character in the video game Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. This is a long coat that comes down to the knees. It has large collars despite having a hood. It is a front open jacket with buttoned closure. This leather finish jacket looks stylish with embossed dark lines that also shine. It is a slim fit long coat designed to highlight your curves. Wear it during any Cosplay event to mesmerize the audiences. You can also wear it with confidence at many other social gatherings of casual nature.


What Red Hood Batman Arkham Knight Jacket Has To Offer

When you live in a place where it always gets cold, jackets are just some of the most important things you have. Whether you’re at your home, or outside, going to the mall, doing some errands, you need to protect yourself from the cold, otherwise, you’ll freeze, get frost bites, which can be unpleasant and you’ll also get sick.

You might have the same jacket that you had since you were in 9th grade, and it’s almost tearing apart. So, you probably need a new one. Well, there can be a lot of jackets around, but one thing that you need is the Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Jacket. Well, this jacket is from the Batman collection of Sky-Seller, which gives you a number of benefits. What are these benefits? Here’s what you should know:

  1. Great Design- what makes this red hood jacket a good choice is that, it’s perfectly designed. It has this red glossy hoodie, the original YKK branded zipper closure, belted hems of the sleeves, a nice accent of red parallels on the bodice, and nice full sleeves. This jacket serves its purpose for giving you great design, suitable enough for your age.
  2. Quality- when you’re on the market, set to buy anything, you always consider the quality of the product itself. So, since the design is great, you might be thinking about its quality. Well, this jacket is made of authentic, pure leather material, as mentioned, Sky-Seller used YKK branded zippers for it, and the tailors made sure that the stitching is done well. It only means that quality will never be a problem here.
  3. Inexpensive- although this Arkham Knight jacket is provided with higher quality and greater design, the price is truly inexpensive, suitable enough for the budget that you have.


So, what are you waiting for? If you want a jacket that can make you look better, and being envied by your friends, the Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood (Jason Todd) Jacket is what you need. Get this one now!

Get Ready for the 4th of July

4th of July is approaching fast. It is the day celebrated as Independence day across the length and breadth of the country. If you are feeling happy and excited already, you must prepare for the day to be able to express your feelings and emotions easily to others without saying a word. What better than to buy a dress inspired by America’s Independence Day and wear it proudly on 4th of July?

Word to your Mother Jacket

This is a beautiful leather jacket with Words to your Mother printed over the back. This jacket allows you to convey your love for the motherland without speaking anything. The jacket also carries a big star in front. This dual color tone jacket (black and silver) has full front zipper and a standup collar.

Easy Rider Multi Stripes Biker Jacket

This leather jacket with multicolored stripes on the sleeve and one side of the front is a wonderful outerwear for you on 4th of July. Wear it with pride while riding your bike or during a hangout with your friends.

John F Kennedy Replica Bomber Jacket

This is a black leather jacket that is a replica of the jacket worn by men in uniform in Air Force. It has the logo of the Air Force printed over the chest to make it perfect attire for Independence Day.

American Flag Women Leather Jacket

If you are a girl, this is a wonderful jacket for you to wear on the 4th of July as it contains the American flag with the stars and the stripes over it. This patriotic jacket in red and blue with a stylish collar will scream your love for the country if you wear it on Independence Day.

American Flag Men Leather Jacket

This is a beautiful leather jacket for you to express your feelings for the nation on Independence Day. American flag is on the back while the front depicts stars over the chest.

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Jurassic World Outfits – Which Everyone Admires

When it comes to attire each and every individual becomes very much concerned about it. When you enter a party or meet everyone at a gathering, the first thing you notice is what the other person is wearing. Therefore, clothing counts the most and then comes the list of other things. So why to take a risk over such an important thing? Jackets have been in demand since a very long time and every day new design and style is seen. But it depends upon you which type of jackets you feel comfortable to wear. Jackets are very trendy and easy to carry. If you have worn a casual shirt and you have got an emergency, you can just wear your jacket and walk out. Before getting jackets you need to consider certain things in mind.

Things to Look For In a Jacket:

The following things must be kept in mind before purchasing a jacket for you:

  • First thing you should be concerned about is the material. Material is something which matters the most because sometimes wrong material can cause irritation to one’s body.
  • The design and the style is the second most important thing. Not every design or every style suits everyone; therefore it has to be looked for.

Different jackets of different celebrities:

People follow large number of celebrities and hence try to dress up like them, look like them and carry themselves the way they do. So for this purpose they tend to buy products accordingly. Chris Pratt has been well known for his fashion throughout the world. His dressing never fails to astonish anyone.

Jurassic World Vest:

Jurassic World Vest has 100% leather with viscose lining available in brown color. The jacket has full zipper with three pockets attached on the chest together with two pockets located around the waist. The design of Jurassic World Chris Pratt Vest is of motorcycle.

Jurassic_World_Chris_Pratt_Vest Jurassic_World_Chris_Pratt_Faux_Vest

Jurassic World Jacket with Patch:

Chris Pratt Jurassic World Patch Jacket is made from 100% leather available in brown color with viscose lining. The stand up style of collar adds charm to the jacket. It has 2 pockets attached with a zip and Jurassic World patch on side of shoulder.


Both these jackets may enhance your personality in the casual as well as formal instances anywhere and anytime. These are must have jackets these days running in the trends.

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W3 Wild Hunt Costumes for Gamers

Clothing is always considered as an essential part of everyone’s personality in all aspects. When it comes to clothing there seems no compromise and that is the reason people have now been following the different brands and with this the celebrity styles too. This not only enhances your personality but at the same time you may enjoy a certain well known position among several people only if you are dressed well.

Clothing needs to be always as perfect as possible in terms of completion as well as outlook. Some people do dress up but there is always a missing factor some or the other way that shall be eliminated. When it comes to dressing up, the role of the different costumes also do matter. These days the celebrity costumes based on movies, games, awards and what not have taken a lead.

Right Costume Selection

When it comes to making the selection of costume be it the celebrity ones the need to keep a check on different things is a must. For instance, you may need to keep a check over the kind of material being used by the makers, the kind of stitching, finishing factor, designing factor and last but not the least the category to which it belongs to.

These days the trend has been floating towards The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game Costumes these costumes not only appear good when they are featured on the exclusive note, in fact if you take a look at them genuinely you may find them being perfect in all aspects. No matter it is about the finishing or about the material used in making, the consideration is always the highest peak. These costumes offer being simple as well as action oriented depending upon the different characters and their demanding roles.

Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Geralt_Bear_Armor_Leather_Costume   Geralt_Witcher3_Wild_Hunt_Warrior_Jacket   Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Letho_Kingslayer_Monster_Vest Triss_Merigold_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Sorceress_Brown_Jacket

The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Ciri_Gameplay_Leather_Pants   Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Yennefer_Leather_Costume_Jacket

Why Consider the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game Costumes

The major reason the category of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game Costumes is taking a lead among the other costumes is the choice and versatility option. These days, people demand simple as well as attractive outfits. Similarly, the collection being comprised in this category is also the one that suits the fact.

In the entire range, you will find the different costumes which include the females costumes as well as the make ones. For instance, the jackets, full action filled costumes and everything is available in this category. The color combinations and the intricate designs offered are far much similar to the originals.

Also, the quality of the material being considered in the making is a premium choice because the material of any clothing always proves being essential. If any compromise on the material has been made the reliability may deteriorate. The designs have also been much closer to what the original costume amounts being included the color contrast. So, heading towards this category for the purpose of having the huge collection of modernized and sophisticated costumes may always be the best idea to go for, these replicas are no less than what the original is.

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Women Red Leather Jacket in Avengers 2

When it comes to movie stars we are all amazed by the amazing getup’s they have and the amazing costumes that they wear. Most of us are inspired by attire worn by celebrities in the movies. The latest craze for most movie fans is the costumes worn by the celebrities in the movie Avengers 2. While a lot these costumes are worth mentioning one jacket worn by the newest addition to the film is the Scarlet Witch. The red leather jacket she has worn in the film is something phenomenal. The bright red color is not something that a lot of celebrities love wearing but Scarlet Witch has done it with class and has carried the jacket really well.

The_Avengers_Age_of_Ultron_Scarlet_Witch_Red_Jacket Scarlet_Witch_The_Avengers_Age_of_Ultron_Red_Jacket

If you are looking for the red jacket worn by Scarlet Witch you may be able to find it at a lot of different website on the internet. However, before you make that all important purchase (since leather good don’t come cheap) you need to ensure that the website you choose to purchase the jacket from is a reliable one. There are many different website that may offer the jacket but the quality for the jackets may vary.

The best way to find a website that sells genuine leather is to read through the different reviews on the website and also studying how quickly the website is updated with latest jackets. The quicker it is the better the quality of the jackets made by them. When it comes to going for the Scarlet Witch Jacket precision is of essence. The exact red shade has to be there if you want to get a look even close to that of Elizabeth Olsen in the movie. The jacket needs to made in the way that not only is it comfortable but also provide excellent fitting. If you are looking for a leather jacket that will last you for a long time it needs to be made of genuine leather then only will the jacket last you long and it will also look good on you.

Scarlet_Witch_Avengers_Age_of_Ultron_Red_Jacket (2) Elizabeth_Olsen_Avengers_2_Scarlet_Witch_Jacket

If you are looking for the best look from the Scarlet Witch jacket you need to make sure you choose wisely!

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