Chester Bennington: Leading Light of Linkin Park no More

Chester Bennington, the lead vocalist of a very popular rock band Linkin Park, is no more. The brilliant singer whose voice mesmerized millions of his fans around the world committed suicide at his residence on Thursday. Death of Chester Bennington came as a rude shock to all his fans, music lovers, and art community in general as he was only 41 years of age. To find out more details about his and life and achievements visit Wikipedia

Rich tributes paid by fans and friends

Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook have been stormed by condolences and tributes from not just his friends and colleagues but also his fans from all parts of the world. They cannot believe that such a fine human being who was so gentle and humble could take such a drastic step and end his life by committing suicide. Messages continue to pour in depicting how much Chester Bennington was loved and admired by his fans. Some famous celebrities quoted his lifestyle as follows:

“Our souls and energy are forever connected” – Samantha Bennington (Chester Bennington’s ex wife)

“A huge part of Chester’s legacy will be the memories we hold of him in our hearts,” Dave Farrell

Literally the most impressive talent I’ve ever seen live! Vocal beast! “Rihanna
 “Dear Chester,
 “Our hearts are broken. The shock waves of grief and denial are still sweeping through our family as we come to grips with what has happened – Linkin Park



He achieved height of success in a short time period
Chester Bennington rose to fame with the stupendous success of his debut album Hybrid Theory which was released in 2000. It became diamond certified and was regarded as the best selling debut album in lore than a decade. Bennington confirmed his talent and dominance in the world of music with two more albums that succeeded Hybrid Theory. These were labeled Meteora in 2003 and One More Light in 2007. Some other history of Linkin Park and it’s lead vocalist Chester Bennington can be found on The Guardian

Though Chester tasted amazing success in professional life, his personal health kept failing him all through the last decade. He suffered from poor health and was diagnosed with gastrointestinal problems that caused severe abdominal pain to him.


If you are a die hard fan of Chester Bennington, you must be feeling sad and gloomy. No words can console you but you have his wonderful songs to give you company. His voice will keep reverberating in your mind, reminding you of the amazing talent this man had.


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