Dress Like A Pirate !

Every person’s outfit, from those of a librarian to soldier, are worn not only for function but for appearance. Whenever we meet anybody, we judge them first by his outfit. Captain of the pirates always looks for rich clothing that they could wear. The look of a pirate captain cannot be complete without an expensive leather coat, a simple sailor’s shirt and torn Pant. The captain of the pirate ship must be looked fearless, courageous and look like a leader by his outfit.

Today you get double the product in our brief spotlight. We Sky-Seller present two great pirate captain costume leather coat that carries different look, allowing you to look like captain of the pirates.


Our first costume is designed and inspired from American TV series “Once Upon a Time” and worn by dashing looking pirate captain called “Captain James Hook”.  Captain James Hook is the most stylish and smart looking pirate captain you have ever seen. This long length stylish yet fabulous leather coat is perfect to sparkle the personality of Captain Hook. The coat is made from high quality of genuine leather in black color with broad designed lapel collar, front open with numbers of jeans button for closure. Long sleeve with wide open folded cuff makes a great final touch to yo your pirate apparel. Complete any pirate outfit with this outclass “Captain Hook Once Upon a Time Pirate Costume Jacket”.



The second costume is from the inspiring ongoing TV series “Black Sail” season 3. This coat worn by “Captain James Flint”. The iconic and stylish pirate coat is especially made for a real leader and serious captain look. This long leather trench coat has stitched design throughout. Unlike other pirate captain ,Captain Flint worn slim fit outfits to show his strong body physique. Classic Antique brass metal buttons for front closure makes this coat stand out and appealing to others. People around you might offer their valuable to you because they are mistaking you for the pirate that you closely look like.


Dress yourself like a victorious pirate captain with one of these “BlacK Sails S3 Pirate Captain Flint Costume Leather Coat” or “Captain Hook Once Upon a Time Pirate Costume Jacket”. Together, these two make for a characteristic pairing, creating the duality of strength that allows for you and your partner to look like real captain.

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