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Highlight Freddie Mercury Jacket On your Body In Reasonable Price

British Singer Freddie Mercury is a famous rock star. He writes his songs and sings them too. He is known for his unique singing style. His young fan loves the funky jackets he wears in his concerts. He had worn a stylish yellow jacket in a show, which is loved by his fans. We have added this jacket to our collection, and you can get the same unique look.

The jacket is manufactured with leather material, but yellow color is not commonly seen in leather jackets. Freddie wore a yellow jacket, but we can manufacture it in other colors as well. The jacket has a little straight collar. The highlight of the jacket is front closure. Instead of a zipper or buttons, the front is enclosed with a row of buckles. Large size silver buckles give it a unique look. The last buckle on the waistline is larger than the others. The cuffs are in open ham style. White narrow strips near the shoulders are quite prominent.

This slim-fit jacket can also be used as a biker’s jacket. Young boys, who love thrilling sports, love it. It’s available in all sizes; measure your size and place your order now your Freddie Mercury Jacket !

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