How To Recognize The Best Types Of High Quality Leather?


Leather jackets are always great to wear but when it comes to purchasing a leather jacket these days a lot of people get worried about the quality. Many manufacturers end up selling fake leather jackets which are of inferior quality and hence the customer ends up paying a high price for a low quality and fake jacket which is a waste.

When it comes to having hands on leather jacket there are a few tips which help in recognizing whether or not the leather is of good quality and is real, a few such tips may include the following:

  • Best quality leather is always made from animal skin and hence has uneven and irregular pattern, when purchasing a leather jacket always ensure to look for a jacket very closely, if the patterns are regular it shows that the jacket is machine made, whereas if the pattern is irregular you may be sure that it is genuine animal skin leather made jacket.
  • Try to press a portion of the leather jacket which you are planning to buy, if it wrinkles it means it is of the best quality real leather whereas the fake one tends to retain its shape and leaves no wrinkles since it is not made out of animal skin it doesn’t act like a skin and rather like a normal fabric available in the markets.
  • You my dry pouring a drop of water on leather jacket, if it absorbs it of a good quality and if it doesn’t absorb it means it is not real leather jacket and you are being offered a fake version of the jacket.
  • The good quality leather will always have a rough edge over it, whereas an inferior quality or a fake leather jacket will be associated with smooth edges so make sure to look for this sign when analyzing the quality.
  • The smell of the jacket will also tell you much about the quality, if it smells like plastic it isn’t real and the real leather has its own unique smell which is easy to identify.
  • If the jacket has been made using real leather it will be heavier than the fake one, picking up the jacket and holding it will let you have an idea whether or not the jacket is real or fake.

These days almost everywhere there is a lot of fake leather which is being used in the making of the leather jackets but investing in such jacket is always useless, one must always take a look at the jacket before making a purchase and analyze whether or not the material is genuine. Usually people are being charged for the real leather and are given the fake one which is always the downside of leather jacket purchase.

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