Sky-Seller’s Celebration for Labor Day

Labor Day is a very essential day in the entire year as it is meant to recognize the efforts and contributions offered by laborers in respect of the state and the public at large. In the United States, this day is being celebrated on 3rd September and the entire state is at a public holiday. This day demands a great enthusiastic approach from the entire state to cherish and applaud the laborers.

Sky-Seller holds a very appealing collection of all kinds of clothing attires too which are specifically associated for this auspicious occasion and a few of the remarkable pieces of attraction amount being the following.

Mens Black Bomber Biker Flight Coat Motorcycle Leather Jacket


This versatile jacket is a beauty which may easily cater all your casual occasions with its beauty and glossing layout. This Aviator Flight Jacket has been finished using the best quality leather finished material and tends to give the most appealing outlook of all times which easily one may carry and have a great look on.

Harley Quinn Heartless Asylum Studded Red and Black Biker Leather Jacket


Harley Quinn is an all time favorite character of many people out there and this leather jacket that inspired the fans with its appealing style is a cherry on the top. It is featured with the best looking premium leather material and gives a great outlook in the studded pattern to be catered. This Harley Quinn Jacket has been a blend of red and black and tends to take away the breath of anyone in no time.

Cafe Racer Vintage Classic Brando Biker Black Leather Jacket


This Vintage Biker Jacket is a beauty which must always be taken into consideration and enjoyed as a perfect choice of all times. This jacket has been made using the best quality leather and the front has been provided with a zipper closure which is also a form of attraction followed by pockets on the sides enhancing the outlook.

The Flash Season 3 Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost) Black Leather Coat


Anyone who plans to look for some amazing coats must grab this beauty which is a great choice of all times, this Killer Frost Coat is featured with the black base and has an opening on the front which is again something incredible and appealing to go for. It has been designed with so many sizes that one may easily grab what suits him.

Kevin Costner Yellowstone John Dutton Leather / Cotton Jacket


This John Dutton Jacket is a perfect choice which has been manufactured with the four different options of material so that buyers have a great your to select from and the overall styling and finishing is commendable. The color being beige is also a beauty which enhances the look and the closure, pockets and collars are also very uniquely designed.

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

All these jackets and coats may easily be grabbed from sky-seller online store and the best thing is that they are celebrating Labor Day by offering upto 50% discount with free worldwide shipping coupon code “Labor”, so ordering and grabbing this beauty apparel may be the best idea to go for and have some great pieces.

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