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As the New Year begins a series of different festivals also start taking place and give a boost to the new clothing, attires and other preparations. However, at the start of the year there are many such events and festivals which tend to take place in the summer season of which Memorial Day is also one of them. This day is being celebrated in the United States of America and is celebrated on the last Monday of May. This year this day is going to take place on 28th May and people from entire America visit the cemeteries of their loved ones and those who have shed their blood for the sake of country while serving in the military.  This day is actually being celebrated to pay a tribute to all those soldiers and martyrs who have fought for the country and have left this world while protecting their homeland.

On this day many people wish to dress up like soldiers while they conduct tribute programs and many of them look for clothing so that that they may attend different programs associated with the event. However, the three most popular getups offered by Sky-Seller for this auspicious occasion for you may include the following:

David Haller Legion Brown Cotton Jacket

This superb cotton jacket has been an inspiration from a celebrity and yet looks very simple and sophisticated to go for. It has been manufactured using the most premium quality cotton material and the inner has been made using the viscose finished fabric. This David Haller Jacket has been available in two different colors being black and brown and the sleeves are in full length with the front closure of zip and there are pockets on the sides as well.

Sherlock Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman) Black Cotton Jacket

This cotton jacket is a perfect choice to be worn in summer especially when attending the programs of Memorial Day. This Sherlock Martin Freeman Jacket is featured with a front closure of buttons and has an inner made using viscose material. There are four pockets in the envelope style two on the chest side and two on the waist side. The colors available in the making include just black and it looks great.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Han Solo Fighter Black Leather Jacket

This jacket as the name suggests is a fight jacket and the outlook represents the same layout which could be a great option to be worn as a costume while participating in any program of Memorial Day to pay tribute to the fighters of the nation. However this Han Solo Jacket has been made using leather and is a perfect choice with the layout capturing the bullet pockets and other such looks to ensure the fighter layout.

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

This collection of jackets at the Sky-Seller is the most impressive one and to serve the public with great deals and discounts, this collection is made up to 65% off as a discount of Memorial Day and that too with free worldwide delivery, so make the most of this offer using coupon code “Memorial.”

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