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Watching Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens would certainly be a great experience for everyone, it would take you to another world beyond the boundaries of your thoughts and imagination. Definitely, you would be more than excited to see your favorite stars going on a journey that you would love to be a part of. Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens provides a belief that everything is possible in this world and you should never lose hope. This movie is one of the favorites of so many people all over the world and everyone must be more than excited to watch this upcoming part of the series. For a fan everything about a movie is a source of excitement from the celebrity working in the movie to their clothes and their performance, everything has their own importance. Being a fan, everyone would want to get inspired by their favorite movies and their favorite stars.

In a movie like Star Wars it is very important to keep the preferences of their fans in mind and at the same time keep everything in sync. Every small thing about this movie does affect its overall effect on the audience. For instance, the clothes you wear do say a lot about you; therefore it is important for the movie makers to reflect the overall theme of the movie in the clothes that they are wearing. Particularly, the jackets that their stars are wearing in the movie are getting famous and people are appreciating the way they enhance the overall personality. Nevertheless, being a part of Star Wars 7 is definitely an extra-ordinary experience, therefore it is important for the stars to look extra-ordinary and mark their statement through their performance and the overall look; as sometimes your entire look does enhance the impact of your overall performance in the movie.

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