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Brianna Hildebrand Deadpool 2 Costume Leather Jacket

This jacket is basically a costume jacket inspired by a movie and worn by a character so it has to be something different. This jacket has been a one which features a robotic kind of look and appears to be a very different thing. It is featured with a pullover style and is a blend of black and tallow color and the inner has been very soft and lightweight material which ensures comfort. This jacket has been featured with the genuine leather finished material and there is a choice to either have it in the faux leather material or have it in the genuine leather material. This jacket has numerous sizes and the blend of black and yellow sparks as a beauty. This jacket has embossed pattern on the front side and on the sleeves which are in full length and are completely fitted. This jacket may easily be worn on all kinds of casual occasions without a doubt.

 Product Features

  • Pullover style jacket
  • Inner of viscose
  • Front with the embossed patterns
  • Sleeves with embossed patterns
  • Genuine of faux leather material as a choice
  • Variation in sizes
  • Fitted sleeves
  • Blend of yellow and black


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