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Guardians of Galaxy Star Lord Costume Leather Pants for Hallloween

These days people are not only considering having hands on the celebrity jackets and coats, in fact, they are also taking interest in the pants carried by the celebrities. This Costume Pants also something pretty much fascinating to go for and has been featured in Guardians of Galaxy and appears to be a trendy and comforting choice to have hands-on. This Star Lord Pants is made with best quality leather which ensures durability and comfort. The best thing about this Guardians of Galaxy Pants is that it is durable in making so that anyone who is buying this Star Lord Leather Pants may easily carry it for years and years and since it is also finished in a decent manner you may carry it with all kinds of shirts and jackets as well.

Caring Tips

This Star Lord Costsume Pants is very ideal for daily wear and you may easily wash it at home without worrying about anything because they are made with so much of the durability that even your rough use will not deteriorate it.

Product Features

  • Choice of genuine or faux leather
  • Maroon colored base
  • Patch on knees
  • Belts on sides
  • Soft lining
  • Full-length coverage
  • Slim fit style
  • Various different sizes


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