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Stargate Atlantis Wraith Coat Halloween Style Costume

  • This coat is a wonderful made coat which may be a perfect choice for the fans of Stargate Atlantis; this coat has been offered with the same layout being the real time replica.
  • The coat is offered in the making of genuine or faux leather material and the buyers may choose between the one that is suitable for them.
  • This coat has a long length and is black in color with the base being offered in stripes that are embossed in V Shape. This coat has sleeves which are also in full length.
  • The overall layout of this coat is very simple and trendy and the soft inner lining also makes a magnificent choice to be grabbed. This coat has front open style and the finishing is very decent in terms of its stitching.
  • This coat has been offered in a variety of sizes as well and buyers may go for the idea of size customization if they wish to go for and the blend may be worn casually during the winter season on all kinds of clothes without any hassle and problem, as the suitability factor is great.


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