A Leather Jacket is made by leather, a material made from tanned hides of various animals. The leather material is commonly dyed black or different shades of brown while nowadays available in almost each and every color. Leather jackets are admired for various purposes like protection, durability, long lasting, and of course for style. However, specific styles are associated with different groups, like motorcyclists, aviators, policemen, greasers,musicians and celebrities. The history of leather Jackets is rarely simple, Brown leather jackets were worn by German army men and aviators in 1900s.Later on, these leather jackets became the part of their uniform due to their high performance and inside warmth. In the second half of 20th century, Leather jackets were worn by numerous Hollywood actors and music groups. Thus, this outfit acquired iconic status and acceptance all over the world.

Style of Leather Jacket

Different variants of style are available in the market manufactured by companies. The list of invariables is very large and one can get the jacket of his choice very conveniently, even many companies are also offering customized jackets for males and females. However, there are three major styles often seen are:

Double rider: This is the original first leather jacket for motorcyclists, championed the style by Irving Schott in 1928.The jacket has very distinguished look due to its features, having an off centered zipper, slash/side pockets, cuffed sleeves with zip and fitted body cinches at the waist. These jackets are wind proof to protect riders.

Bomber: One of the popular and oldest type of leather jacket, designed first time for the pilots, who sit in enclosed cabins, by keeping in mind the warmness and comfort for them. These particular jackets have front open zip, elastic cuffs of sleeves, elastic waist, and mostly have fur collar and lining.

Fatigue: This type of jacket can easily be pinpointed with dual pockets on chest and shoulder reinforcements.

Difference b/w Men & Women Jacket

All these types are equally popular in men and women. Making a choice of perfect and stylish looking leather jacket, it is important to know the difference of both.

  • Men’s jackets are often larger than the women’s.
  • Women’s leather jackets have high cuts from the waist while chest areas are kept spaced ones.
  • A noticeable difference is the placement of buttons and zip. Men’s jacket buttons and zip are done on the right side while women’s are stitched on the left side of the jackets.
  • Some dissimilarity is also seen in the collar; Men’s jackets are stitched with simple and plain whereas women’s collars may have different cuts like high collar, zigzag style.

Types of Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are new trend which makes everyone go wild. As, it comes in various styles, designs and colors with unique cuts. However, one must know that what type of jacket will cater his need. Different types of leather fulfill the requirement of different styles and needs.

Types of leather depend on the animal’s skin from which it has been taken. It is said that “the larger the animal, the thicker the leather is”. The thickest hide used in leather jackets is Cow Hide, which has excellent resistance and protection, but also the heaviest in weight. It has longer time to wear in, commonly referred to make bikers style. However, if the jacket is made with the combination of wool and fur, it cater the requirement of peak winter season. Similarly, the leather made from Sheep Skin is also staple, durable and tough but lighter in weight. It is a perfect balance of comfort, style and strength. Besides bomber jackets and blazer, mostly women jackets are made with it. Distress Leather jacket is always use for fashion and style, Lightweight with polyester protect the body from chilly air. Suede Leather, has napped finish (Fuzzy Surface), is made from goat, calf, lamb or deer underside surface. It does not make from exterior skin layer, mostly suitable to make delicate clothes due to its softness, thinness and flexibility. It is commonly used to make cowboy jackets, shoes and fashionable attire like ponchos, vest, gloves etc. Faux Leather is manmade artificial leather however it is difficult to differentiate from genuine leather having similar features of real leather with lower price.

Leather jackets bearing advantages for you
  • Leather is an extremely durable material. Generally, leather manufacturers try to make the best from their leather.
  • Leather is resistant to dry abrasion, can be resistant to fire if treated for it, and it is partly waterproof. Unlike other materials, leather is also resistant to dust mites and fungal attacks. This defines the strength of leather jackets or any leather product.
  • Leather is a fabric that breathes well. This means that it doesn’t matter if leather is kept away for a long time with no use, yet it survives. If you dress up in leather, this factor impacts a lot. That is how your leather jacket can survive for a long time.
  • Leather is a flexible material. When you first buy a jacket it somewhat takes a little time to adjust with your body. It is fine for a new leather to be this hard but eventually it starts making you comfortable.
Seasonal Leather Outfit's

In every season, this particular outfit keeps getting grander. Since fashion world is evolving day by day, many new designs and innovative ideas are being presented by designers. Each Season, this outfit getting better and demanding. Its color, cuts, design, patterns and style has answered all the compliments of season by the designers.

Fashion has inspired people, and makes them to adopt the styles of subcultures as a symbol of inspiration, but the leather jackets have never been outdated as the time passed.

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