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Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders TV Series Black / Blue Trench Coat

Our inspiration to bring about this coat in the collection we hold is the drama series Peaky Blinders as it was carried by the character Thomas Shelby played by Cillian Murphy. The character himself has been pretty much influential and so is the design and layout of this Peaky Blinders Coat which makes anyone who carries it enjoying the same influence like never before. This Thomas Shelby Coat is kind of beauty which may easily be carried on all kinds of formal occasions without any doubt and it looks very amazing. Your parties and formal dinners could be better when you own and wear good clothes so this one could be one of the best chances to enhance your look.

Caring Tips

The coats are usually heavy and so washing at home is relatively not a choice, the best one could do is to get them dry cleaned once in a while, rest some brushing off would work wonders on the woolen as well as cotton material.

Product Features

  • A choice between cotton and woolen material
  • Blue or black color
  • Long length below knees
  • Pockets with flap on sides
  • Front buttoned closure
  • Thick coverage
  • Formal suitability
  • Durable and lasting stitching
  • Customization of sizes available


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